Find your Kammunity!

The KAPatid Program is a mentorship program under PACE. Whether you are a freshman, transfer student or someone just getting into PACE, it is a great opportunity for people who are new at SF State to find a Kammunity.

"Kapatid"(younger sibling)The mentee of the program

"Kuya"(older brother) The mentor of the program

"Ate"(older sister) The mentor of the program

"KuyAte"(older nonbinary sibling) The mentor of the program

What to Expect?


You always don't need to meet up with your kapatid(s), but make sure to set up time between the both of you. Be honest about your capacity and schedule.


Introduce your kapatid to your favorite places to eat and drink, friends, your kammunity! Don't rush to connect with your kapatid, it takes time, but make use of your time together at SF State.


Your kapatid is joining this program because they are longing for a sense of kammunity, help them grow in their kammunity. Try to be the catalyst for making your kapatid feel welcomed in your family and community. If your kapatid seems off, ask them how they're feeling and go from there.


Respect that your kapatid might not follow all of your feedback or advice. Avoid guilt-tripping your kapatid. Again, listen more than you talk.


Encourage your kapatid to be more involved on campus whether it is in PACE or through other student organizations. (student involvement = student development + student success!!!)

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Kapatid Application Kuya-Ate Application

Key Dates

Application: August 21st (open) - September 15 (closed)*KAPatid Info Night: September 12 (mandatory)*KuyAte Meeting: September 14 (mandatory)*KAPatid Social: September 22*KAPatid Kafe: September 19*KAPatid Piknik: September 26KAPatid Pairings Released: September 24Clue Week: September 25 - 29*KAPatid Reveal: September 29

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