We are the The Pilipinx American Collegiate Endeavor, or simply "PACE". Since the formation of PACE in 1967, and 1968-69 SFSU student strike shortly after, our purpose is to promote a clear understanding of, and involvement in the political, social, economic, educational, and cultural aspects of the Pilipina/o community by creating new channels of communication and discussion. We continue to provide support for the ongoing struggle of self-determination of Pilipino Americans, the United States of America, and other peoples worldwide, as well as the continued opposition to colonialism, racial hierarchy, sexism, and other forms of bigotry.


The Pilipinx American Collegiate Endeavor, takes esteemed responsibility in providing academic support to our general members; promoting critical consciousness and self determination; and the preservation of Pilipina/o American culture, while offering a safe space for expression. As we continue to move forward, we aspire to cultivate unity and leadership potential in our peers through education and active involvement in the community.


In 1967, amidst the political and social consciousness sweeping the nation, Pat Salaver sought the aid of Pilipinos at then, San Francisco State College (SFSC) to arouse awareness and address the problems facing the Pilipino American Community. Under the guidance of Pat Salaver and original members Bob Ilumin, Ronald Quidachay, Orvy Jundis, and Alex Soria, PACE, initially called Philippine American Collegiate Endeavor was established.



KORE 57 - Korelooban

Kore serves as the leadership board of PACE. Kore commits themselves set forth in the constitution to uphold its mission statement, building awareness to the cultural, social, political and economic issues in our community.

Jaelyn Faraone

Executive Director

Christian Pilapil

Finance Coordinator

Liam De Vera

Internship Coordinator

Christian Tamayo

Kammunity Coordinator

Daniel Gatchalian

Co-Activities Coordinator

Adrienne Fortu

Co-Kultural Coordinator

Claire Satuito

Hxstory Coordinator

Rhoel Paragas

Political Affairs Coordinator

Alana Croft

Academics Coordinator

Jackie Rin

Artivism Coordinator